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Vocation Traning Education

National and social life of the rich and the safety of the state of technology has a good job and that is the subject.
Our expertise in the vocational education and training programs equipped with the expertise of highly qualified people in technical education aims at fostering a professional consultant, your country and your community are trying to access.
We as South Korea's technical workforce to produce good quality products in the world export trade in the emerging countries means 10 is a good example.
We are from South Korea's industrial era, a lot of experience in vocational and technical education and on the basis of the actual is active in your community and country are equipped with diverse skills can make a professional consulting.

Sheet Metal

• The technical subjects concerning plate work engineering and engineering systems are well digested, and the basic metal process, measurement and examination such as on cutting and finishing work.

• Various projection methods are learned, development drawings learned, to draw precisely, and therefore precise products can be produced by means of proper process, forming and engineering methods


Carpentry Building

• The structure and usage of woodworking machine can be learned in general.

• The construction of wooden buildings can be learned in terms of designing and building, the interior finishing work can be performed.


Electric Work

• Materials in response to process can be classified, and the instruction contents given in the drawing can be performed.

• The work concerning reservation facilities, grounding(earthening), insulating can be rightly performed on the standard of the laws ®ulations or that of facilities, and the process of electricity-transmission and arrangement lines, the wiring work in water and apparatus-attachment can be performed soundly.


Electric Machinery

• Various kinds of measurement apparatus can be rightly used, and the apparatus assemblers can be used definitely.

• Electro motor generators can be rightly produced, installed, operated, and by means of the examination of special features and their test, the appropriateness of electric apparatuses can be found out.



• The sizes of various parts of electronic circuit by means of circuit drawings can be interpreted, and directed work can be soundly performed.

• The assembling, producing, installing, repairing, and adjusting of electronic apparatuses and its products can be professionally performed, and electric home appliances such as radio, T.V. etc. can be also repaired and adjusted in general.



• The general technology and sound work on covered are welding are learned and well trained.

• The general technology ranging form gas-welding and brazing to special welding and brazing to special welding for mikes are learned as well the simple welding work.



• The handicraft process &measuring work in metal process are well trained to perform justifiably.

• The turning work by a cutting tool and the grinding work in the process of making plane and in or exterior holes are well trained to perform precisely



• Knowledge on measurement and assembling work as well as sound work can be acquired and trained.

• The right usage of cutting and handicraft tools and the knowledge concerning commonplace engineering machines and be learned in detail.


Precise Machine

• All the names of each part of various engineering machines, their structures, operating principles can be learned, materials necessary to design and production learned to apply well, and the decision of working process well practised.

• Hand-finish and measurement work is learned, and processing material, mechanically special features and natures, etc. are understood.


Graphic Design

• Providing the primary design and computer realted courses to stand for a creative and competitivedesigners. Specialized in editing, illust, advertisement, package, graphic designer, web master, homepae desigher, web animation and mobile service designer programs.


Information Processing

• Teaching for information processing is covered software technology which will be included every kind of technique with the computer science.

• It also learn the technique for the letter, phonetic sound advanced processing of picture information, encodement, analysis and understanding.



• Handicraft process and measurement work can be performed as well as interpretation of drawings, comprehension of practical systems and working process.

• By means of a NC or CNC machine, the process and measurement of engineering objects are learned as well as the technology concerning CAD.



• Providing the practical nulti-media including internet broadcasting, skills of digital image management, digital image production, web networks, virtural and 3D animation under the aim of bringing up the proffecsional and specialized human resources to lead the rapidly changing global society.


Steel Concrete Work

• The usage of the tools and equipment of steel-process can be learned, and by processing steel bars, the arrangement of the bars can be done for the foundation, pillar, beam and floor.

• By cutting and processing the reinforcement, the arrangement and assembling of steel bars, concrete can be evenly filled up.

Technical Education

University of Technology and Education by focusing on the theory of the basic theories and stick to education and to foster creativity in the development of new basic education with an emphasis on education should be implemented.


1. Department of Mechanical Engineering      2. Mechanical Design Department
3. Electrical Engineering                                 4. Electronic Engineering
5. Mechatronics Engineering                           6. Department of Chemical Engineering
7. Computer Science                                       8. Design Engineering
9. Architectural Engineering                          10. Game Engineering
11. Biotechnology                                         12. Automobile Engineering  
13. Mechatronics Engineering                      14. IT Communications Engineering


Features personnel and technical staff spent with South Korea as a successful human resources function for our company Vocation Training Center for training and technical personnel of the establishment and operation of technical colleges with a lot of experience is a full service consulting firm specializing in South Korea's credibility.


Our company was founded on 27 February 1988 until now the company is 23 years in business


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